Total hours
16 hours

Course Overview

This course deals with the basic principles of accounting in proprietorship business. This course deals with the method of recording business transactions based on vouchers, receipts, checks, and other documents. The course also deals with journalizing and ledger posting of business transactions, preparation of trial balance, income statements and the balance sheet. It would enable the student to learn the preparation of 10 column worksheet. On completion of the course, the student would be able to demonstrate an understanding of accounting principles and apply the skills practically in a business organization. Condor University offers the following certification courses to get you ready for this important field:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
OR100 Accounting I 1
FS101 Accounting II 3
FS201 Law and Ethics 3
FS301 Technical Writing 3
FS401 Small Business Administration 3
FS402 Marketing Principles 3
FS402 Economics 3

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